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2016 Club Awards

Bill Breeze Clubman of the Year

Kevin Rawlings

Colt of the Year

Joe Danks

Honorary Awards

Life Members Past & Present

Maurice Barnett
Wally Birch
Bill Breeze
Arnold Hutchings
Tony Knight
Arthur Luckett
Jim Greaves
John Greaves

2nd XI Saturday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Carl Titmus

Bowler of the Year

Adam Hipkiss

Player of the Year

Stuart Lawrence

1st XI Sunday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Richard Knight

Bowler of the Year

Steve Rawlings

Player of the Year

Richard Knight
Honours Board
Hundreds 5 Wicket Hauls
Player Score Team Match Player Score Team Match
Matt Lawrence 205* 2nd XI Sun H vs Cannock 18/07/10 Tony Heffernan 9/90 1st XI Sat A vs Jaguar Daimler 08/07/06
Rich Knight 205 1st XI Sun H vs North Warwickshire 17/05/15 Jonathan Comfort 8/44 2nd XI Sat A vs Four Oaks Saints 16/08/08
Matt Lawrence 200* 1st XI Sat H vs Knowle & Dorridge 11/07/15 Steve Baird 8/86 1st XI Sat H vs Griff & Coton 09/06/07

Please Note This is being slowly uploaded and will be under construction for a while, please check the statistics page for a more complete record until this is completed.

*Prior to 1984 the Club Captain was automatically chosen from Saturday 1st XI Captain

From 1984 -86 chosen from Saturday or Sunday1st XI Captain by vote at AGM

Changed from 1987 to an honorary position - not necessarily a playing role.

2nd XI Sunday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Stewart Comfort

Bowler of the Year

Warren Blears

Player of the Year

Alex Mousley

1st XI Saturday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Matthew Lawrence

Bowler of the Year

Pravin Uppal

Player of the Year

Steve Rawlings
Past Award Winners
  1st XI Saturday 2nd XI Saturday 1st XI Sunday 2nd XI Sunday Bill Breeze Clubman Colt of the Year
Year Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player
2016 M.Lawrence P.Uppal S.Rawlings C.Titmus A.Hipkiss S.Lawrence R.Knight S.Rawlings R.Knight S.Comfort W.Blears A.Mousley K.Rawlings J.Danks
2015 M.Lawrence O.Smith M.Lawrence P.Birch W.Blears M.Smith A.Murphy A.Hipkiss A.Murphy S.Comfort D.Barnes W.Blears S.Smith J.Danks
2014 R.Knight A.Murphy M.Lawrence O.Caseman D.Satchwell A.Hipkiss A.Clayton O.Smith S.Rawlings S.Comfort W.Blears W.Blears S.Rawlings C.Greaves
2013 M.Lawrence W.Blears M.Lawrence T.Clayton D.Satchwell A.Murphy R.Knight C.Turner S.Rawlings I.Hipkiss A.Hipkiss C.Greaves D.Preece
C.Greaves A.Murphy
2012 M.Lawrence M.Lawrence M.Lawrence S.Baird W.Blears A.Murphy S.Rawlings O.Smith R.Knight T.Clayton D.Satchwell A.Clayton B.Newbold A.Murphy
2011 M.Lawrence P.Murphy S.Rawlings S.Comfort W.Blears P.Birch R.Lowe C.Powers D.Preece R.Knight M.Fallon S.Antill Junior Parents O.Smith
2010 P.Greaves J.Richards M.Lawrence S.Comfort D.Satchwell R.Wilkinson S.Rawlings W.Blears R.Lowe R.Knight J.Morgan D.Preece H.Mousley D.Preece
2009 P.Greaves S.Baird B.Davies S.Comfort D.Satchwell W.Blears S.Rawlings J.Comfort S.Rawlings R.Knight D.Preece A.Clayton P.Murphy T.Clayton
2008 M.Lawrence P.Murphy M.Smith C.Titmus D.Satchwell S.Rawlings M.Barnes K.Wimbush W.Blears T.Clayton O.Smith D.Preece    
2007 I.Breeze M.Lawrence - P.Summers T.Long D.Satchwell M.Comfort J.Richards - S.Rawlings O.Smith - H.Mousley D.Preece
2006 S.Levy P.Murphy M.Lawrence                   C.Powers  
2005 P.Greaves S.Lawrence M.Lawrence S.Levy B.Davies P.Summers A.Wier J.Pheasant A.Wier H.Knight S.Lawrence S.Lawrence S.Lawrence M.Lawrence R.Knight
2004 P.Greaves P.Murphy P.Murphy S.Driffil B.Newbold S.Driffil S.Comfort M.Lawrence M.Lawrence - - - T.Knight
Club Captains
Year Club Captain* 1st XI Saturday 2nd XI Saturday 1st XI Sunday 2nd XI Sunday
2017 J.Greaves M.Lawrence M.Smith S.Rawlings S.Comfort
2016 J.Greaves M.Lawrence M.Smith S.Rawlings S.Comfort
2015 J.Greaves M.Lawrence M.Smith S.Rawlings S.Comfort
2014 J.Greaves M.Lawrence M.Smith S.Rawlings S.Antill
2013 J.Greaves M.Lawrence P.Birch S.Rawlings S.Antill
2012 J.Greaves I.Breeze P.Birch S.Comfort S.Antill
2011 J.Greaves I.Breeze P.Birch S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2010 J.Greaves I.Breeze C.Titmus S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2009 J.Greaves R.Mousley C.Titmus S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2008 J.Greaves R.Mousley C.Titmus S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2007 J.Greaves P.Greaves C.Titmus S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2006 J.Greaves P.Greaves S.Levy S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2005 J.Greaves P.Greaves S.Levy S.Comfort M.Lawrence (Snr)
2004 J.Greaves P.Greaves M.Calvert S.Comfort -
2003 J.Greaves P.Greaves C.Powers S.Comfort -
2002 J.Greaves P.Greaves S.Comfort C.Powers -
2001 J.Greaves I.Breeze M.Brindley C.Powers S.Comfort
2000 J.Greaves G.Pitkin M.Calvert C.Powers S.Comfort
1999 J.Greaves I.Breeze M.Brindley C.Powers J.McCann
1998 J.Greaves I.Breeze M.Brindley C.Titmus J.McCann
1997 J.Greaves K.Baird W.Breeze R.McCann R.Mann
1996 J.Greaves J.McCann W.Breeze A.Breeze R.McCann
1995 J.Greaves J.McCann W.Breeze S.Levy R.Mann
1994 J.Greaves P.Greaves W.Breeze M.Waller J.McCann
1993 J.Greaves P.Greaves W.Breeze M.Waller J.McCann
1992 J.Greaves P.Greaves W.Breeze P.Murphy J.McCann
1991 J.Greaves P.Greaves W.Breeze D.Ward J.McCann
1990 J.Greaves P.Greaves W.Breeze S.Levy J.McCann
1989 D.Whitehead S.Levy W.Breeze P.Greaves J.McCann
1988 D.Whitehead I.Black W.Breeze J.D.Greaves J.R.Greaves
1987 D.Whitehead S.Taylor J.R.Greaves P.Connell M.Brindley
1986 P.Connell P.Connell A.Joyce    
1985 P.Connell        
1984 P.Connell        
1983 J.McCann      
1982 J.Greaves   S.Taylor  
1981 S.Taylor      
1980 S.Taylor      
1979 J.Greaves      
1978 J.Greaves      
1977 J.Greaves      
1976 J.Greaves      
1975 J.Greaves      
1974 J.Greaves      
1973 J.Greaves      
1972 F.Baird      
1971 F.Baird      
1970 F.Baird      
1969 A.Hutchings      
1968 A.Hutchings      
1967 A.Hutchings      
1966 J.Lewis J.Hutchinson     
1965 J.Lewis      
1964 R.Kings      
1963 R.Kings      
1962 R.Kings      
1961 R.Kings M.Barnett    
1960 R.Kings      
1959 M.Barnett      
1958 M.Barnett      
1957 M.Barnett      
1956 M.Barnett      
1955 M.Barnett      
1954 M.Barnett      
1953 Major Atkins      
1952 Major Atkins      
1951 Major Atkins      
1950 Major Atkins      
1949 M.Barnett      
1948 M.Barnett      
1947 J.Upton      
1946 WW2
1945 WW2
1944 WW2
1943 WW2
1942 WW2
1941 WW2
1940 WW2
1939 W.Pinfold      
1938 W.Pinfold      
1937 W.Pinfold      
1936 M.Barnett      
1935 C.Bill      
1934 R.Neale      
1933 G.Freeman      
1932 H.Spare      
1931 A.Bayliss      
1930 A.Bayliss      
1929 A.Bayliss      
1928 A.Bayliss      
1927 A.Bayliss      
1926 A.Bayliss      
1925 A.Bayliss      
1924 A.Bayliss      
1923 A.Bayliss      
1922 A.Bayliss      
1921 A.Bayliss      
1920 W.Leighton      
1919 H.Spare      
1918 WW1
1917 WW1
1916 WW1
1915 J.J.Affleck      
1914 J.J.Affleck      
1913 W.Birch      
1912 J.J.Affleck      
1911 J.J.Affleck      
1910 J.J.Affleck      
1909 J.J.Affleck      
1908 W.Birch      
1907 W.Birch