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Honorary Awards

Life Members Past & Present

Maurice Barnett
Wally Birch
Bill Breeze
Jim Greaves
John Greaves
Arnold Hutchings
Tony Knight
Arthur Luckett
Clive Powers NEW

Retiring Club Chairman

2004 - 2018
Stewart Comfort
"Mr Chairman"

County Representation

Olivia Smith - Warwickshire U11
Sophie Reynolds - Warwickshire U11
Josh Reynolds - Warwickshire U12B
Tom Mousley - Warwickshire U13
Alex Mousley - Warwickshire U14
Dan Mousley - England Young Lions
Stewart Comfort - Warwickshire Over 60's
Martin Lawrence - Warwickshire Over 70's
Bill Newbold - Warwickshire Over 70's
Clive Powers - Warwickshire Over 70's

1st XI Saturday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Richard Knight

Bowler of the Year

Steven Pardoe

Player of the Year

Connor Greaves

3rd XI Saturday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Josh Reynolds

Bowler of the Year

Declan Finnegan

Player of the Year

Steve Antill

1st XI Sunday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Andrew Murphy

Bowler of the Year

Steve Rawlings

Player of the Year

Alex Mousley

2018 Club Awards

Bill Breeze Clubman of the Year

The Groundsmen

Colt of the Year

Dan Barnes & Alex Mousley

Division 8 East Champions

Nether Whitacre 2ndXI

Division 12 West Player of the Year

Steve Antill

Award Winners
  1st XI Saturday 2nd XI Saturday 3rd XI Saturday 1st XI Sunday 2nd XI Sunday Bill Breeze Clubman Colt of the Year
Year Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player Batsman Bowler Player
2018 R.Knight S.Pardoe C.Greaves I.Breeze P.Murphy I.Breeze J.Reynolds D.Finnegan S.Antill A.Murphy S.Rawlings A.Mousley I.Hipkiss W.Blears T.Smith The Groundsmen D.Barnes A.Mousley
2017 A.Murphy P.Uppal M.Lawrence C.Titmus S.Lawrence T.Mousley

C.Greaves A.Murphy S.Rawlings P.Ashton W.Blears D.Barnes S.Antill T.Mousley
2014 R.Knight A.Murphy M.Lawrence O.Caseman D.Satchwell A.Hipkiss

A.Clayton O.Smith S.Rawlings S.Comfort W.Blears W.Blears S.Rawlings C.Greaves
2013 M.Lawrence W.Blears M.Lawrence T.Clayton D.Satchwell A.Murphy

R.Knight C.Turner S.Rawlings I.Hipkiss A.Hipkiss C.Greaves D.Preece
C.Greaves A.Murphy
2012 M.Lawrence M.Lawrence M.Lawrence S.Baird W.Blears A.Murphy

S.Rawlings O.Smith R.Knight T.Clayton D.Satchwell A.Clayton B.Newbold A.Murphy
2011 M.Lawrence P.Murphy S.Rawlings S.Comfort W.Blears P.Birch

R.Lowe C.Powers D.Preece R.Knight M.Fallon S.Antill Junior Parents O.Smith
2010 P.Greaves J.Richards M.Lawrence S.Comfort D.Satchwell R.Wilkinson

S.Rawlings W.Blears R.Lowe R.Knight J.Morgan D.Preece H.Mousley D.Preece
2009 P.Greaves S.Baird B.Davies S.Comfort D.Satchwell W.Blears

S.Rawlings J.Comfort S.Rawlings R.Knight D.Preece A.Clayton P.Murphy T.Clayton
2008 M.Lawrence P.Murphy M.Smith C.Titmus D.Satchwell S.Rawlings

M.Barnes K.Wimbush W.Blears T.Clayton O.Smith D.Preece P.Birch  
2007 I.Breeze M.Lawrence - P.Summers T.Long D.Satchwell

M.Comfort J.Richards - S.Rawlings O.Smith - H.Mousley D.Preece
2006 S.Levy P.Murphy M.Lawrence       

2005 P.Greaves S.Lawrence M.Lawrence S.Levy B.Davies P.Summers

A.Wier J.Pheasant A.Wier H.Knight S.Lawrence S.Lawrence S.Lawrence M.Lawrence R.Knight
2004 P.Greaves P.Murphy P.Murphy S.Driffil B.Newbold S.Driffil

S.Comfort M.Lawrence M.Lawrence - - - T.Knight

2nd XI Saturday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Ian Breeze

Bowler of the Year

Phil Murphy

Player of the Year

Ian Breeze

2nd XI Sunday Awards

Batsman of the Year

Ian Hipkiss

Bowler of the Year

Warren Blears

Player of the Year

Tom Smith